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    Meng-Tse Hang    

Just a boy, catching his dream , step by step ...



Meng-Tse Hang (杭孟澤)

Just an ordinary Taiwanese College Student, who has various crazy ideas in life. Meng-Tse is a do-spirit person. He likes to create and try something new and funny. Sometimes Meng-Tse is few words, cause he is thinking while so many feelings touching his heart. He dreams, even it seems unreachable. But so what...

「 No matter how hard it is,

it's enough to laugh while pursuing. 」



National Cheng Kung University

    Bachelor in Computer Science and Information Engineering

• Sep. 2013 ~ June. 2017

The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University

- The PR (Public relation Practitioner) of 38th Club Conference

- Join the guitar club.

• Sep. 2010 ~ June. 2013


Website Designing Engineer (Part-Time of Job)

• July. 2015 ~ still

The Intern in Tripda

    Tripda is a like Startup company in Taiwan. The core value is to prompt carpooling (riding together), a rare culture in Taiwan, so facing new challenges and problems everyday. We do marketing from the base, like joining local activities or distributing the fliers.

- The intern.

• June. 2015

The Expert in Campus of Windows8 at Micorsoft Company in Taiwan

    The experts have to market Windows8, and then ask for filling a questionnaire. Not like general marketing way like one-to-one, I held many small speechs, and asked teachers for giving me some time to speeching.

- The third prize in the final marketing competition.

- Utilize the Social Network Tools to propaganda and prompt my speeching skills.

• Apr. 2013 ~ June. 2013


The Manager of Activity’s Department of CSIE Student Association.

- Be active to get more enterprise sponsor.

- Be good at negotiating, project managing, allocating and schedule planning.

• June. 2014 ~ July. 2015

The President of Christmas Dance Party United by Five Student Association

    A crazy party for college students in the night-club. They can dance and drink without hesitation.

- The tickets were sold out in one week.

• July. 2014 ~ Dec. 2014

2015 Yunnan Servic Learning Program

    It's an International Volunteer Plan held by NCKU Service Learning Center.

Preparing: • Oct. 2014 ~ July. 2015

Working: • July. 2, 2015 ~ July. 15, 2015

Meng - Tse Hang

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